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Take a dip into the marine World Islandoom and become the commander of a desert island..

Lead one of four Nations that will most fit Your preferences. Explore unknown lands, settle new space to expand its area of influence. To build a strong economy based on the development of the economy and intensive trade with other players. Create a strong marine force game that will help You to take control over the entire island World. Perform numerous missions, collect useful items and develop your hero's skills - this will allow you to give You a lot of useful bonuses in the game. Think and take part in unions, to get together with friends to spend time together and to spread fear among other players.

Get ready for the final fight to defeat an impregnable Fortress.

Choose your nation


Furium this nation is for all players who believe that dominance and respect in the world can be achieved by constant aggression. It creates a people ready to fight at any moment. Fear and panic is for them a foreign word. They are willing to devote their lives in the name of expanding influence in the world. Offensive ships are armed with powerful modern works that can destroy the enemy fleet. Anyone who dares to stand in their way, must reckon with painful failure.

Play as Furium


"Real power is built on a Foundation of security" is the primary Maxim of the nation Armun. The presence of a defensive fleet and an extensive defensive line embankment will protect the residents of the island from external aggression. For the leaders of this nation, the most important is the safety of residents and peaceful development. When the attacker is close to the coast of the island, there is a rapid mobilization among the crew who excitedly weaken any attack. They did not scary any fight, even with the most formidable enemy.

Play as Armun


If you believe that good organization of work and judicious use of own resources is the key to building a strong position in the world, a nation Divitos is designed just for You. The development of infrastructure and trade, as well as adequate management of the economy can be a great advantage to obtain advantage over destructive each other Nations. It may be that the economic expansion to military expansion overshadow Your enemies. The motto of this nation is: "the wealth of the Kingdom is measured by the number of available resources, not the state of the fleet".

Play as Divitos


The greatest chance will power can only ensure sustainable development. If you agree, you must stand at the head of the nation Medius. Gradual upgrade server of the economic and the gradual development of military capabilities, can be a way to achieve success. Gradually develop its economy, worrying about the constant delivery of raw materials, and when you notice that one of Your opponents is weak, do not hesitate to inflict a fatal blow.

Play as Medius


You play together with your friends? You want to cooperate with other players to achieve success? Create a powerful Alliance that will be the main the whole island world. Presence in the Alliance is associated with many advantages. Along with allies you can develop a shared island, which will be an additional source of raw materials. But that's not all! You can build a lot of buildings that will give You an advantage over other players. They will contribute to the reduction of construction time of ships, Department of defense or other buildings. Constructing the main Building so you will enable the expansion of the Alliance for subsequent players. Remember, however, that the alliance island can be the target of numerous attacks. Therefore, work together to construct shared plans with each other to your island was all the time under protection.


Islandoom is not only raking of raw materials, creation of new Islands, or completing quests. It is also the conquest of the hundreds of things that will develop Your hero's skills. There are two kinds of things: disposable items, which full for laboratories parameter values and solid objects. Their work is very wide. They will strengthen not only the military ability of Your troops, but they can also favorably affect the economic development of the island. You can find them during missions, fights and many other places. However, they are unique and not all of them are easily available...


Your ships are in motion? You don't have enough raw materials to build new buildings? Your friends is offline? What do you say about duel 1vs1 against another player? You can develop your Character and fight the selected opponent. Every fight let you to receive or lost points to Your rating of duels. Gather the items, Hero experience and show others that they do not have with You any chance!


Each of You probably has a purpose in the game, to which will aim. This can be the creation of economic power and resource management or the creation of a strong fleet, which strikes fear into the hearts of enemies. However, the game puts before You the main task - the capture of the powerful Fortress, located in the heart of the world. To reach it you have to force way through several Islands NPC who will guard the roads to the center of the map.


Islandoom gives You access to more than 50 ships, technical and military and more than 20 buildings. Every nation has a certain set of ships, which differ in technical parameters. Due to the type of the selected nation, you will become the commander of the fleet of the aggressive nature, defensive nature or more balanced character.